EVS IP Technology Seminar

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IP adoption across the broadcast industry is well underway as we embrace a massive wave of enterprise innovation. Offering greater flexibility, scalability and agility, IP opens up the possibility of powerful software-defined and distributed workflows to meet ever-growing demands for content and changing viewer habits.

However, managing the transition to IP and determining the right time to do so is not always easy. As broadcast providers we need solutions that allow us to invest in the future, but that do not force us to change the way we work as we adapt this to this new backbone.

In this webinar we explore the realities of IP environments, how to tackle the challenges and suggest strategies that allow you to choose your own path to IP.

This webinar is not a product presentation but focuses mainly on standards, technologies, and real-life experiences. The goal is to help you make informed decisions about which path to take with your technology upgrades.

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  • Adrian Richmond

    Global Sales Manager MI @ EVS

  • Dominic Yip

    Solutions Architect & Support @ EVS